Wood-Burning System Installations

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Wood-Burning System Installations

Canadian insurance companies often require that wood-burning fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and woodstoves are installed by a WETT-certified professional (or are accompanied by an inspection report). We provide professional installation of a range of wood-burning systems. Speak to us today to find out what wood-burning application would best suit your needs, and to get a quote for installation.

What are the benefits of using a newer wood stove?

Upgrading to a newer stove could save you money, time and effort. New stoves have lower emissions for the environment and your home. They are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rated. Some newer stoves burn up to 33% less wood than the older models.

There are also many different styles of stoves to choose from now to match the style of your home such as modern contemporary or cast iron rustic. There is also a variety of different sizes of stoves to acommodate your family’s heating needs.