Creosote & Soot Removal

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Creosote & Soot Removal

If not kept under control, creosote buildup from regular fireplace or woodstove usage presents health and safety risks to homeowners. A cleaning to remove creosote, soot and ash (as well as any other obstructions) greatly lowers the risk of chimney fires. Stay safe this season, have us clean your chimney to remove the creosote before it becomes a serious problem!

How do I know if my wood is seasoned enough to burn in my fireplace?

The best way to ensure you will have dry, seasoned wood is to buy it at least a year ahead. Buying your wood in early summer will help. If you wait until fall, the supply of dry wood may be sold out. 

Even if you buy good, dry firewood, it has to be covered on the top to let the air get at the side so it will continue to cure. That being said, a lot of people don’t have the room to store that much wood. Look at the end of a few pieces of your wood for what is called checking (cracks in the ends) The more cracks present, the dryer the wood.

A moisture meter is a great tool to have to check moisture level. You will need to split a piece of your wood to gauge the moisture on the inside. Having a week’s supply inside the home is also a good idea so it is climatized for burning.

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