Company Contact Information

Bill Sherman, owner and operator of Ashes Away and Chiminey Cricket is a WETT certified technician with over 40 yrs experience in analyzing, installing and maintaining wood burning systems.  Bill’s number 1 concern is for the safety of his clients in burning fires in their homes.  Bill aims to leave a legacy of a company that employs caring professionals that always have the clients best interests in mind.  Bill takes pride in being involved with having wood burning heaters ready to go so that families can gather together around the hearth and create special memories.

For a number of years, regular clients of Ashes Away have frequently had their calls answered by Tammy Sherman. You may only catch Bill’s wife Tammy now and again as she now has a new home business of her own – Tropical Experience Beauty Bar.

Dan Lockhart is the operations manager for Durham region and is a WETT certified technician with over 15 years experience. Dan is also known as The Squirrel Whisperer, he has helped many babies find a new home safely outside the chimney. Dan is not only a valued employee, he is family.

All of the staff of Ashes Away aim to provide service excellence. We are courteous, friendly, and renowned for our cleanliness. 


We accept cheque, cash, and e-transfer as methods of payment.