Chimney Liner Cleaning

Experienced chimney sweeping and fireplace cleaning in Peterborough, Port Perry, Oshawa, and Ajax.

Chimney Liner Cleaning

As you use your chimney regularly, the chimney liner will require cleaning. Stainless steel chimney liners require cleaning to remove the accumulation of dirt, ash, soot, dust and creosote. We provide expert chimney liner cleaning and inspection services to ensure your chimney continues to operate safely and efficiently.

When should I clean my chimney? Spring or Fall?

It is better to clean your chimney in the spring. If creosote remains in your chimney over the spring and summer, it can attract moisture.

This mixture of creosote and moisture can be corrosive and over time may shorten the life span of your chimney and appliance.

Also, if there are any repairs needed with your chimney system, it can be addressed quicker in the spring than in the busy fall season. We aim to have our clients systems ready for the burning season.