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Wood Burning Specialists with over 40 Years’ Experience

Ashes Away & Chiminey Cricket: Durham Region Since 1980

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves can help make a house a home. They are a warm, cozy gathering place for families during long Ontario winters. At Ashes Away & Chiminey Cricket in Oshawa we help to make your winter safer and more enjoyable with our wood burning services. We offer chimney cleaning, wood stove and fireplace installations and more.

Fireplace Cleanings and Inspections for Safety

Owner Bill is certified as a technician, chimney sweep and inspector by Wood Energy Technical Training Program (WETT). That means you can trust Ashes Away & Chiminey Cricket to clean your fireplace and keep it functioning safely. Bill removes creosote and soot deposits, greatly reducing any risk of fire and improving the draft.

Summer Specials!

Ashes Away & Chiminey Cricket are happy to offer specials from May 1st right through to August 31st. Contact us for more information!

Professional Certifications

WETT Certified

Cleanings & Installations

From chimney liner cleanings to woodstove installations, we do it all!

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WETT-Certified Inspections

Arrange for a fireplace and chimney inspection by our WETT-certified tech.

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